Tripping alone

Road-tripping, anyway.

With any luck — and with the mercy of my ability to stop hitting the snooze button — I’ve hit the road as you sip your coffee and shake your head at my questionable stability on this fine Tuesday morning.

I’m DC-bound for now — just me and my eternal hope that my car won’t break down. Thursday, I’ll leave DC for NC, where perhaps I will have some sort of life-changing epiphany as I watch the sunrise over the endless blue ocean. Or I’ll just get sunburnt.

I have a boatload of time off to use, and some stress-induced dermatitis that yoga and hydrocortisone just can’t kick.

Besides, if there was ever a week I didn’t want to be in Pittsburgh, it is this godforsaken week in September.

It has been a long 14 months (the last time I took a day off). I have thrown myself into school and into work, into running and reading, into various causes and concerns. I have tried on outrage and apathy. Most recently, I’ve thrown myself into (and mostly off of) rock faces.

Now it’s time to figure out which, if any, of those things truly makes me happy.

It is a trip to relax, and a trip to celebrate still being a sane human being at the end of the day. But it will also be a trip of introspection. Searching for what is that actually makes you happy is exhausting. Maybe slowing down and looking inside will prove more fruitful.

Or maybe I’ll just get mugged at the Tidal Basin or step on a jellyfish.

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