Opioid epidemic could spark HIV outbreak, health experts fear
By Megan Guza (March 2018)

Pennsylvania’s widespread opioid epidemic, combined with controversial drug paraphernalia laws and the lack of needle exchange programs in rural areas, could spark a devastating and costly HIV outbreak, health experts fear.

Opioid prescriptions drop in SWPA, but numbers remain high
By Megan Guza (2018)

While opiod prescriptions in Allegheny County have decreased over the past year, physicians are still writing enough prescriptions each quarter to medicate each resident of Pittsburgh.

Inside one woman’s overdose, struggle with addiction
Story by Megan Guza | Photos by Andrew Russell

She knew the signs of addiction: She was a nursing assistant for years. She didn’t know she was overdosing.

Spike in Ohio’s synthetic opioid ODs offers grave warning to Western Pa.
Story by Megan Guza | Photos by Andrew Russell (2017)

DAYTON, Ohio — The cooler is full at the Montgomery County coroner’s office in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

Former inmates get shot at recovery with anti-addiction drug Vivitrol
Story by Megan Guza | Photos by Andrew Russell (2017)

“I didn’t feel that I was part of the problem, but I definitely wasn’t helping.”

Families hope candid obituaries will spare others anguish of addiction
By Megan Guza (2017)

“I’m not ashamed of Zack because he was an addict – he had a serious disease.”

After 135 years of floods, riots and escapes, Pa.’s oldest prison goes quiet
Story by Megan Guza | Photos by Andrew Russell

If The Wall could talk, what stories would it tell?

Pittsburgh family struggles to cope with son’s unsolved homicide
By Megan Guza (2017)

“I would have anxiety with the door about whether it was closed or open,” he says. “I could be sitting here, broad daylight, and people walk by? Uh-uh, close it.”

Father-to-be got a job, apartment and a car — then he was gunned down
By Megan Guza (2017)

John Cassidy has his father’s eyes. That makes it hard for his family to look into them sometimes.

Snapchat video shows women drinking before deadly Bethel Park crash
By Megan Guza (2017)

They’re laughing. They’re singing along with the radio. They’re shouting out the windows. One clip shows them walking into a bar. The next shows three shots of alcohol on a table.

DA: 6 dead in ‘calculated’ execution in Wilkinsburg; police seek shooters
By Megan Guza (2016)

Five adults and an unborn child were killed and three more adults were wounded, two critically.

Hundreds pay respects to fallen Canonsburg Officer Scott Bashioum
By Megan Guza (2016)

As police vehicles with lowered windows drove past, DiRocco’s children whispered “thank you” to the men and women inside. “No, thank you,” one officer said back.